Ela Fornalska

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Ela Fornalska is a poet, language teacher and emerging broadcaster, having joined the 3CR Spoken Word team of presenters in 2015. She has performed her work around Melbourne, as well as being published by various journals and publications including ‘mod_piece’, ‘Love & Fear: A Poetry Anthology’, the ‘Poetry for Peace’ CD, ‘Australian Rationalist’ and the bilingual Australian/Austrian journal ‘Gangway’, where some of her German language poetry was published. Ela has also performed as a feature poet at readings such as ‘Babble’, ‘The Lentil Bash’, ‘Passionate Tongues’, ‘The House of Bricks’ among others, as well as performing at the Overload Poetry Festival and at the ‘Montsalvat National Poetry and Song Festival’ which also featured on the former community television program Red Lobster. She is also a keen haiku poet. In the past, she created her own zines, some of which are 'wordplay' and 'Vitamin D Sunshine'. Ela has performed her work on the Graz slam circuit in Austria as well as being an invited guest to perform in Frohnleiten, Austria, as part of Österreich Liest (Austria Reads – a week of literature events across Austria).