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Photo taken by Benjamin Solah
Christine Burrows
Date of Birth 1960
Born in Kaikoura, New Zealand
Lives in Melbourne
Open Mic Debut 1983 at the Harold Park Hotel, Sydney
Melbourne Open Mic Debut January 2015 at Dan Poets
Feature Debut 1984 at the Sydney Poets Union
Melbourne Feature Debut September 2015, Girls on Key

Christine arrived in Sydney from Christchurch New Zealand in 1980; moved to Melbourne in 1985 and never left. Active in the fringe arts community in Sydney and Melbourne during the 80s and early 90’s Christine was published in NEOS, P76 and (as XTINE) in the Angry Women Anthology of Australian Women writers. She played in bands, wrote songs and was involved in community radio. Then got lost in the fog of sole parenting and working in public health. A life-threatening illness inspired her re-emergence as a poet and spoken word practitioner in 2013. She was a finalist in the Radio National 2013 Australian Poetry Slam heat, and has appeared in Melbourne Spoken Word's Zine, Audacious Vol 1, Poetry and Place Anthology, Dirty Thirty 2015 Anthology and Offset15 Anthology. She writes about life, death, family, memory, social in/justice and the perpetual puzzle of existence. Her work is often challenging and her performance galvanising.


Born in New Zealand, Christine Burrows began performing around the Sydney poetry scene in the 80s before emerging again in the Melbourne poetry scene in 2014-15, published in Melbourne Spoken Word inaugural edition of Audacious and performing on the open mic at the Dan O'Connell where she won the monthly competition in July, 2015.


Her style is performative and often focuses on themes to do with broader politics, and the intersection of the political and the personal, with a particular interest in mortality, health and illness. A regular fixture of the Dan Poets open mic, he work is often presented in a variety of poetic styles from rant and storytelling to more literary poetic styles.

Features and performances

  • September 2015, Girls on Key


  • NEOS 3, 1983 (Sydney)
  • P76, 1984 (Sydney)
  • Angry Women Anthology of Australian Women Writers, 1987
  • Poetry is Pozible, Melbourne Spoken Word Zine, 2014
  • Melbourne Spoken Word Audacious Volume 1, 2015
  • Dirty Thirty Anthology, 2015
  • Offest15 Anthology, 2015

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