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Benjamin Solah.jpg
Photo taken by John Englezos
Benjamin Solah
Date of Birth March 20, 1986
Born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Lives in Brunswick West
Open Mic Debut May 10, 2010 at Passionate Tongues Poetry
Feature Debut June 11, 2011 at Dan Poets

Benjamin Solah, raised in Western Sydney and now living in Brunswick West, is the Director of Melbourne Spoken Word, an activist and spoken word artist. His work has been described as "no holds barred, passionate" and his style ranges from polemical and charged to absurd and whimsical.


Benjamin Solah debuted on the open mic in May of 2010, introduced to spoken word poetry through Santo Cazzati and became a regular participant in the Passionate Tongues Poetry open mic before making his feature debut at Dan Poets the following year, followed closely by his feature at Passionate Tongues. Having featured at numerous spoken word events around Melbourne, he founded Melbourne Spoken Word in 2012 and has gone on to host a number of spoken word events under that organisation as well as host Keep Left Poetry from June 2013 to May 2014.


Ali Alizadeh described his work as "no holds barred, passionate" in 2012 in his list of 'The Top 10 Poetic Works'. His work varies from explicitly left-wing rants and polemical style poems, to comedic, whimsical and absurd pieces, either on politics or poetry and his life.

Features and performances

  • June 2011, Dan Poets
  • July 2011, Passionate Tongues Poetry
  • March 2012, Percy Shelley Poetry Slam (feature and host)
  • March 2012, Keep Left
  • August 2012, Egg Gallery
  • February 2013, KoLABorAYshun
  • May 2013, Melbourne Spoken Word showcase at Conduit Arts
  • May 2013, Dan Poets
  • July 2013, House of Bricks
  • November 2013, #MelbourneNow hosted by Melbourne Spoken Word at The National Gallery of Victoria
  • July 2014, Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn
  • July 2014, poetry@fedsqare
  • October 2014, Passionate Tongues Poetry
  • November 2014, Activist Arts Festival
  • April 2015, Voices in the Attic
  • September 2015, Sporting Poets


  • August 2011, ‘The Homophobe’ in Ricochet Mag
  • March 2012, 'Duel Power' (spoken word EP) with Santo Cazzati
  • July 2012, ‘Last Office Poem’ in Social Alternatives
  • August 2012, 'Climbing' in Audio Overland
  • October 2012, ‘Seeds’ and ‘Fast Food Poetry’ in Little Spines, the 2012 RMIT Creative Writing Anthology
  • August 2013, 'Broken Bodies,' self-published chapbook
  • August 2013, ‘Poor Billionaires’ in In Brief Mag
  • December 2013, ‘Beethoven Blimp’ in Gore



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