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Ash Burgess.jpg
Photo provided by Artist
Ash Burgess
Date of Birth December 23, 1980
Born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Lives in Moonee Ponds
Open Mic Debut September 4, 2014 at The Drunken Poet Open Mic
Feature Debut March 26, 2014 at the Melbourne Comedy Festival

Ash Burgess (a.k.a. Ashley Weidner) has been performing in Melbourne for roughly 25 years, and on all sorts of stages. Starting out as an actor, he toured extensively with Childrens Theatre, and performed in major and minor musicals in Melbourne. The lucrative world of dinner theatre called, and for the last four years he has worked as a comedian, singer and actor at Witches in Britches Theatre Restaurant. Ashley has held a lifelong passion for the rhyming word, and for improvised comedy, leading him to often improvise intricate poems during performances. He took that one step further in 2015, premiering his show 'Punk Rock Poet' for the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Ashley deals mainly with the whimsical side of life, as he doesnt really know much about serious subjects..


Ash was introduced to spoken word in 2014 through performing at the Drunken Poet Open Mic and has gone on to host various shows as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe. In March 2015, he won the monthly completion at the Dan O'Connell. He is yet to feature in Melbourne at a dedicated poetry gig.


Ash's style influenced from comedy and musical theatre, focusses on humour and collaborating with other artist forms.

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