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Photo taken by Michael Reynolds
Artist Template
Date of Birth March 20, 1986
Born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Lives in Brunswick West
Open Mic Debut Date and Gig
Feature Debut Date and gig

Insert standard artist bio here around 150 words, no more, the one used to advertise features etc.


Outline how they were introduced to poetry/spoken word/the Melbourne community and what they've done in Melbourne, especially in terms of features.


Outline style, themes, performance techniques, associations with certain gigs and organisations.

Features and performances

List where they've featured, dates if possible, and places they've appeared as invited performers (not open mic)


List of publications such as chapbooks and CDs and pieces published in journals and magazines, and CDs and online


List links to video of work if available


List of interviews and profiles about the performer

External Links

Links to blog, official website, Twitter, Facebook etc.