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Amy Bodossian.jpg
Photo taken by Brendan Bonsack
Amy Bodossian
Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
Lives in Coburg
Melbourne Feature Debut Passionate Tongues, September 2009

Critically acclaimed performance artist, story teller, cabaret starlet, poet and character comedienne, Amy Bodossian, has been captivating audiences with her uniquely irreverent, whimsical, and profoundly honest performances for over ten years. She's been on Spicks and Specks, been nominated for a Green Room Award, and performed at countless festivals around Australia. These include The Falls Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, The Big day Out, The Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, and The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 'Endearing, disturbing, confronting, emotive, fragile.' **** 1/2 - The Advertiser. 'Pure genius.' - The Scotsman. ‘There isn’t a pigeonhole in existence, no matter how well labelled, that could possibly hold Amy Bodossian. No warning, no apologies.’ - Finger Magazine.


Amy Bodossian began as a spoken word artist in Adelaide, before moving across to Melbourne to pursue her career in 2009, where she quickly established herself with a feature as Passionate Tongues. She has featured extensively around Melbourne as well as performed in solo shows at various festivals.


‘Bodossian's trippy, dippy beat poetry is a constantly surprising delight. She seamlessly segues into a smokey torch singer, straddling the lines between satire and serious art, sweetness and obscenity, sexiness and gawkiness.’ ****1/2 - The Advertiser

‘Outrageously absurd, erotically charged, and more than a little bit genius.‘ - YAWP Comedy

‘Bodossian has a wonderful grasp of language, and a very humorous system of delivery. Her work is physical, ironic and funny...utterly beautiful and heart wrenching at the same time.‘ - Stage Whispers

'Endearing, disturbing, confronting, emotive, fragile.’ - The Advertiser

‘Pure genius’- The Scotsman

‘There isn’t a pigeonhole in existence, no matter how well labelled, that could possibly hold Amy Bodossian. The only available conclusions are tentative at best. She is a splatter of 1920’s glamour and surrealist strange juxtaposed against kitchen gloves and manic wide eyes: a cavalier moustache on a model at a bikini shoot. No warning, no apologies.’ - Finger magazine

Features and performances

  • Overload poetry festival features at The Spinning Room and The Dan O’Connell
  • Spinning Room’s final night extravaganza
  • La Mama Poetica
  • The Woodford Folk Festival
  • Voices In The Attic
  • Passionate Tongues
  • Velvet Tongue
  • Girls On Key
  • Poetry Degustation Event
  • Poets and Platters at Coriole Winery in SA
  • Poetry @ The Dan O'Connell


Jewels in the Mud, chapbook (2009)


You're The One!

Coat Hanger Eyes

Letting Go

The Dishes Song


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